Removal of warts

One of the methods of wart removal is the use of lasers

The appearance of warts on the skin indicates an infection with HPV (human papillomatosis virus). Localization of skin growths on open parts of the body (face, neck, fingers) is perceived as a cosmetic defect and becomes the cause of complex and psychological problems. The papilloma virus is contagious and can be spread by contact. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of warts and which control methods are considered the most effective.

Why do they appear?

Growths on the skin of a viral nature are considered benign neoplasms. They are caused by the multiplication of the papilloma virus, which enters the body through microdamage of the skin. Infection occurs through close contact with an infected person or sharing household items. The pathogen can enter the body through contact with a contaminated surface in transport or in public places.

The active formation of growths is facilitated by a decrease in immunity caused by a number of unfavorable factors. These include recent illnesses or exacerbations of chronic illnesses, severe stressful situations, bad environment and bad habits. A weakened immune system cannot effectively destroy cells infected with the virus, which leads to their rapid reproduction and the appearance of characteristic growths.

How to remove a wart so that several new ones do not appear in its place? All treatment options should be supplemented with antiviral therapy to prevent further spread of the papillomavirus. Strengthening the immune system is another important area. This is the only way to put the virus in "sleep" mode and eliminate possible relapses.

Types of warts

How to remove a wart that spoils your appearance and causes constant discomfort? This question should be addressed to a dermatologist. The doctor will choose treatment methods taking into account the modification of the virus and the type of tumor. Some warts are advised to be removed immediately, while others are recommended to be treated with medication.

A wart on the skin that can be removed in many ways

The main forms of warts:

  • Simple (vulgar) - rounded growths with a rough surface in the form of a nodule that rises above the skin.
  • Flat - are multiple formations with a dense, smooth surface, they almost do not protrude above the skin. It most often affects children and adolescents.
  • Palmoplantar - painful nodules with deep roots, covered with a keratinized layer. They appear in areas of mechanical impact or constant pressure.
  • Thread-like - they look like elongated growths on a thin stem. Localized in the area of the eyelids, eyes, armpits and inguinal folds.
  • Genital condylomas have a lobular structure and resemble papillomas in appearance. They occur in the perineal area and on the genitals.

Other common types of neoplasms include periungual warts and senile keratomas.

Removal of the mentioned types is done in different ways. For example, warts on the face cannot be removed by aggressive means, nor can cauterization or freezing of growths be resorted to. This approach does not exclude the formation of scars and chemical burns. Flat warts tend to coalesce into large groups. In this case, many hardware and chemical removal methods are not suitable, except for a special type of laser.

Sometimes skin tumors disappear on their own, without any treatment. In other cases, a person cannot deal with growths on the skin for years, because some types have a tendency to recur. How to remove a wart so that new formations do not reappear in the future? Much depends on the correct diagnosis and correctly selected treatment tactics.

When should it be deleted?

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to remove benign tumors, because they do not pose a particular threat. But doctors do not agree with this view. Warts on the face spoil the appearance, cause psychological problems and make it difficult to communicate with people.

Growths on other open parts of the body (arms, neck, head, cleavage) can be accidentally damaged when shaving, during hygiene procedures or rubbing with clothing. An injured nipple is a serious danger, as there is a risk of bacterial infection and even malignant degeneration.

A large wart on the finger that needs to be removed

In which situations is it necessary to urgently seek medical help?

  • skin growth grows rapidly and increases in size;
  • the shape and color of the neoplasm changes;
  • the nipple becomes painful and bleeds;
  • plantar warts hurt a lot and make walking difficult;
  • genital warts (genital warts) cause discomfort during sexual intercourse, defecation and urination.

If there is a risk of malignant degeneration, suspicious tumors should be removed immediately. In such cases, not only a person's health, but also a person's life depends on the correct and qualified actions of the doctor.

If the neoplasm is painless and does not cause concern, it is not necessary to resort to surgical intervention. To learn how to remove a wart at home, consult a dermatologist. The doctor will recommend the medicine that will be optimal in your case. If there are no results, you will have to resort to more radical methods - removal of the tumor by hardware methods.

Removal of warts at home

There are many ways to fight skin growths using special chemicals. These include drugs with keratolytic (exfoliating), cauterizing and mummifying effects. A dermatologist will tell you which wart removal product to choose. You should not self-medicate - first you need to find out the type of formation and only then proceed with the procedures.

New growths of a viral nature are prone to relapse - often several new ones appear at the site of the removed wart. Only comprehensive treatment will help prevent further spread of the virus. To do this, it is necessary to additionally take antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs that will stop the reproduction of pathogens and ensure a stable remission.

Self-removal of warts with a special product

The papilloma virus, once it enters the body, remains in it forever. The main goal of complex therapy is to transfer it to an inactive state in order to remove visible manifestations on the skin. A specialist knows how to get rid of warts at home in order to forget about the unpleasant problem forever. If tumors appear on the skin, you must consult a doctor, undergo a diagnostic examination and only then start treatment.

How to quickly remove a wart at home

The most effective ways to control growths on the skin include products based on acids, alkalis or liquid nitrogen. Let's take a closer look at how to use them to remove warts at home.

  1. An aqueous solution based on potassium and sodium alkali, which, when applied to a neoplasm, causes necrosis (death) of its tissue. Caustic alkalis penetrate deep into the structure of growths (to the roots), due to which the wart dries and soon falls off. Care should be taken when using the medicine. Aggressive alkalis can cause chemical burns to healthy tissue, so the skin around the growths must first be smeared with petroleum jelly or baby cream. Using a special applicator, apply a small amount of solution to the wart and wait for it to dry completely.
  2. An improved version of the drug that has now been discontinued. An oily liquid based on phenol and 3-methylphenol has a cauterizing and mummifying effect. As a result, the wart dies and falls off. To avoid chemical burns, do not allow the solution to come into contact with healthy skin. Before the procedure, zinc paste should be applied to the area around the nipple. Growths are treated point by point, smearing 3-4 times and waiting for the liquid to be absorbed. The number of procedures is from 4 to 10, depending on the type and area of localization of the wart.
  3. An effective Swiss product based on a combination of several acids (lactic, oxalic, acetic, nitric). The drug is available in the form of a colorless solution, which, when used, has a strong mummifying effect. Before applying the medicine, it is necessary to remove the thick, keratinized layers. To do this, it is recommended to evaporate the formation in hot water or first use formulations with a keratolytic effect (for example, salicylic ointment). The solution is carefully applied with a special applicator, taking care not to touch healthy skin. The procedure is repeated several times, with breaks of 1 day.
  4. A drug that destroys nipple tissue by freezing. The active ingredients, a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, have the same effect as liquid nitrogen wart removal. The medicine is produced in cans with an aerosol nozzle. The outlet temperature of the mixture reaches – 57 °C. The cooling composition is applied with a special applicator, keeping it on the growth from 3 to 40 seconds, depending on the type of tumor. Sharp cooling of the wart leads to the destruction and necrosis of pathological tissues. A few days after the treatment, the formation dies.

Among other wart removal products, the following drugs are popular:

  • a solution based on lactic and salicylic acid;
  • cream paste with glycyrrhizic acid;
  • aerosol for freezing;
  • pencil based on silver nitrate;
  • keratolytic agent with salicylic acid;
  • a drug with a cauterizing effect based on podophyllotoxin for the treatment of genital warts;
  • gel based on polysaccharides from potato shoots with antiviral activity;
  • ointment with interferon alfa-2b, which stimulates local immunity.

Any of the listed medicines can be used only after consultation with your doctor. In order to achieve the required therapeutic effect, it is necessary to take into account the type and structure of the tumor, the area of its localization and possible contraindications.

How to remove warts on fingers

Growths on the fingers are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a direct threat to others. The pathogen can easily be transferred to a healthy person by handling or close contact. It is possible to damage the tumor during physical work or hygienic procedures.

How to remove a wart from a finger with the help of drugs, without resorting to hardware methods? To do this, experts advise using products with a mummifying effect. Using a pencil based on silver nitrate gives a good effect, but quick results should not be expected from this method.

Before removing a wart on your finger, consult your doctor. Perhaps the best solution would be to use a product with a freezing effect. With the help of such drugs, you can get rid of large growths in just 5-7 days.

Toe wart and plantar wart

Sometimes several new warts appear at the site of the removed tumor at the same time. In this case, an integrated approach is needed. In addition to agents with a cauterizing or necrotizing effect, it is also necessary to use drugs with an antiviral effect. A dermatologist will advise you on how to get rid of a wart on your finger once and for all. To stop the spread of the virus, you will have to additionally take tablets, treat growths with gel or ointments with antiviral activity.

How to get rid of leg warts

Removing plantar warts presents certain difficulties. These are painful formations with deep roots, the surface of which is covered with a layer of keratinized skin. In order for the drug with a necrotic effect to penetrate into the deep structures of pathological tissues, it is first necessary to evaporate the growth and clean the softened stratum corneum. Another way is to use a keratolytic agent (for example, salicylic acid patch or ointment). Products based on salicylic acid soften and exfoliate dead skin cells.

After preliminary preparation, it is recommended to treat growths with any preparation containing alkalis or acids or use a product with a freezing effect. The most important thing is to destroy the root of the wart, which goes deep into the dermis. Only in this case it is possible to prevent repeated relapses and the appearance of new formations.

A painful wart on the leg with a deep root

Aggressive means cannot be used to remove warts on the face. Delicate skin can suffer a chemical burn, which later forms an unsightly scar. As a result, another cosmetic problem will appear. Removal of tumors on the face by gentle methods (for example, laser wart removal) is recommended.

When choosing a treatment method, the type and location of warts should be taken into account. For example, when treating multiple flat warts, you should not resort to agents with a cauterizing or mummifying effect. When treating genital warts, you can use drugs with a certain concentration of various acids, which are applied to the point. To avoid burns, allergic reactions and other side effects, you must first consult a doctor.

Hardware techniques

In addition to drugs, hardware methods are widely used to combat warts. Some of them have been used for decades, others have been developed recently and are considered the most advanced and safest.


This method is recommended for the removal of vulgar, plantar and genital warts. It is based on burning the growth tissue with electric current. An electrocoagulator is a device that creates electric waves of a certain frequency. The working nozzle at the end has a loop that instantly heats up to a high temperature and cuts away tumors, while cauterizing blood vessels to prevent bleeding and infection of the surgical field.

Cryodestruction – removal of warts with liquid nitrogen

In just one session, you can remove several growths at once. This is an old, time-tested and cheap method. But it has a number of disadvantages - the risk of scars, pain and a long period of rehabilitation.


Removal of warts with nitrogen or cryodestruction - freezing of the formation with subsequent death. This is one of the simplest, bloodless and painless procedures. The wart is treated using an applicator or a directed stream of liquid nitrogen for a few seconds.

Ultra low temperature (-196 °C) ensures rapid freezing and destruction of pathological tissues. A blister forms at the site of the wart, which soon opens and dries. The dry crust stays in place and soon falls off on its own.

Laser removal of warts

Two types of installations are used for laser wart removal. Some of them use thermal radiation, which instantly heats and vaporizes the liquid inside the pathological cells, destroying them. This type of treatment is used to remove vulgar, filiform and genital warts. Warts on the soles of the feet cause significant discomfort and are difficult to treat with chemicals. The best results are obtained by laser removal of plantar warts, the action of which is based on thermal radiation.

Another type of laser installation destroys warts by gluing the walls of the blood vessels that feed the tumor. The growth, deprived of its blood supply, soon dies and falls off, leaving clear skin in its place. This type of laser is best for removing multiple flat warts (including those on the face).

Radio knife removal

This is the latest development that enables painless and bloodless tumor removal. High-frequency radio waves produce a powerful thermal effect that heats the wart cells and destroys them from the inside. At the same time, radio waves disinfect surfaces and prevent the spread of viruses. The method is quite expensive and is performed using a high-frequency radio wave device. It is used to remove all types of warts.

Laser or nitrogen removal: which is better?

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The laser enables quick and painless removal of all types of warts. This is the most modern, safe and effective procedure, which guarantees the absence of complications and recurrence. Laser radiation destroys nipple tissue and coagulates blood vessels at the same time, preventing the risk of infection. The procedure does not require a long period of rehabilitation and eliminates the possibility of scarring.

The cryodestruction procedure destroys growth tissue due to ultra-low temperatures. This is one of the most affordable and painless procedures. But if you miscalculate the depth of exposure, a scar may remain on the skin. When liquid nitrogen is used, complete healing takes 10 to 14 days.

How much does wart removal cost?

The price of wart removal services depends on the technique used, the equipment used, the type and area of localization of the tumor. The cheapest procedure is electrocoagulation. In second place is the cryodestruction method.

The cost of procedures is also affected by the region of residence.

Removal of warts with celandine

Celandine is a medicinal plant whose juice has been used for cauterization of skin growths since ancient times. Its action is similar to alkali-based chemicals. The plant is harvested during the flowering period, taking precautions to avoid burns.

Warts are treated with fresh juice 3-4 times a day, avoiding contact with healthy skin. Immediate results should not be expected. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for the growth to dry out and fall off. Neoplasms located on the mucous membrane cannot be treated with celandine juice, otherwise a chemical burn cannot be avoided.

Before using any folk remedy (celandine juice, vinegar, tea tree oil), consult your doctor and get his approval for the procedures.